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  About The School  

Fort Lee Education Center

Welcome to Fort Lee Education Center. We are dedicated to providing special needs students aged 12-21 with an educational experience that will ensure positive life outcomes.  Programming at Fort Lee Education Center (FLEC) combines the efforts put forth by three teams:  Education, Social Work, and Crisis Intervention.


We believe that all students can learn when presented with lessons based on their individual needs and learning styles.  We believe all students can grow socially and emotionally when they are guided by a behavior management system, positive role models and a caring and nurturing staff.   


The YCS Fort Lee Education Center is a private, non-profit school, also known as an out-of-district placement, providing educational services, therapeutic interventions and career/transition experiences for adolescents classified behaviorally disordered. Our students are drawn from the surrounding counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, and Passaic. Most students are residents of inner city neighborhoods including Jersey City, Newark, Passaic and Paterson. The student body is composed of 60 youth, ranging in age from 12-21 years, who have typically participated in several school programs with no success. Similar circumstances are evident with respect to living situations. While a majority of the students reside in the home of relative or legal guardian, more than one third live in a group home or residential treatment center. It is usually the case that our students have experienced multiple “home” placements. These youngsters have been exposed to physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse and/or  severe neglect as well as a host of negative situations typically associated with poverty. These environmental factors have significantly altered their ability to trust and interact with others.


The staff consists of certified teachers and trained paraprofessionals. 

School Offerings & Highlights

We offer a variety of resources for our students.  While some are staples, others are designed to  meet the needs of individual students.  Our #1 goal is to set our students up for the best possible outcome.  Take a look at what's available for the students of YCS Fort Lee Education Center. 


For a printable flyer or school brochure please go to our School Publications page.