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Ruth Ann  Hunt
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Principal's Corner

Principal letter 2017-2018


             The 2016/2017 school year here at the YCSFt.LeeEducationCenter has been one of growth and learning.

             The school now has a complete Middle School program and a continuing High School Program.

             During the year our Character Education component continued to develop and is now integrated into our school program.  We will be enhancing our program this year with more community partnerships and collaborations.

             Career awareness will be expanding for the 2017-2018 school year as well!  Students at FLEC will be exploring their career skills and tapping into their interests using the NJCAN assessment.  The NJCAN is designed to support lifelong career exploration, career planning and decision-making through easy to use, straightforward search and sorting utilities and an online portfolio for saving information from all system components.  Students will then be integrated into the community in areas of interest identified by the NJCAN to gain real life experiences and community awareness in fields that compliment their interests and skills.  Additionally, professional speakers, career-focused seminars and onsite visits and tours of various career opportunities will be available as part of our new 2017-2018 curriculum.

             This July we conducted our first Extended School Year Program which will now be ongoing!  It was an exciting month of curriculum activities, trips and assemblies!!  The ESY is a good avenue for high school students to work on recovering credits and an enrichment for the middle school students. 

             I look forward to working with parents, districts and, of course, our students.  Have a continued safe summer and a great start for the 2017-2018 school year!!



                                                                        Ruth Ann Hunt

                                                                        YCS VP Educational Services