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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does the placement process at YCS FLEC work?

Student is classified by district Child Study Team.
District and parent release reports to YCS FLEC.
Administration and clinical staff review referral.
Interview and school tour is arranged by school, parent and Child Study Team case manager.


  • Who attends the interview?

The student, parent, CST case manger, and the school's designee (Administrator and/or Social Worker).


  • How many students attend YCS FLEC?

Average of 60 - population from various towns and counties.
Ages 12-21.
Residential and Day Populations.


  • Do students live at the school?

No. The term Residential is used to describe our population of students that are transported to school from a group home setting or shelter. The term Day is used to describe our population of students living at home with their parent/guardian or in an independent living program.


  • What type of program is offered?

Behavior Modification and General Education


  • What classifications are considered?

Emotional/Behavioral Disability
Multiple Handicapped
Other Health Impairments
Specific Learning Disability


  • Who provides transportation?

Sending school district or district of residency.


  • Who pays tuition?

Sending school district or district of residency.


  • May students be placed privately?



  • Is there an after school sports program?

No. Students may participate in sports/clubs at the sending district school.


  • Does YCS FLEC have a school nurse?

Yes, full time and is able to administer medications if needed.


  • Are there counseling services?

Yes, individual and group.


  • Does YCS FLEC issue diplomas?

No. Upon graduation, students receive a YCS FLEC certificate of completion. Diplomas are then issued by the sending school district.


  • Is there an Extended School Year Program (ESY)?

Yes, as of summer 2017, we now have a summer program for some students.